Indian ethos and values

December 13, In a little more than a year these have been sites where a fellow citizen has been brutally murdered by another Indian. They should be a source of deep shame to us as these were not random events. In every case the victim was a Muslim from the poorest sections of our country.

Indian ethos and values

Culture This is the first truth thought to every child. Even a poor uneducated man living in a hut knows that God is in everybody and therefore there is sameness in all. The second truth is about a holistic universe. I live in all of them.


Their sorrows and joys are my sorrows and Joys. The basic unity of life cannot be broken. Love, sacrifice therefore emerge as the only for a meaningful living. On the basis of this holistic vision, Indians have developed work ethos of life.

With its emphasis on combining the western values of efficiency with Indian ethos, SP Jain is the place to learn management. Curiously this wasn’t how I viewed SPJIMR prior to joining this college. I was told by many that their admission process is a lottery system and it’s a . Enumerating the broad gamut of ideas which emanated in the upanishadic age and underlining the contributions made to the sustenance of human values in India by the various reform movements in the five thousand years of Indian history, the paper unearths the richness and resilience of Indian ethos. INDIAN. ETHOS FOR MANAGEMENT Indian ethos for management means the application of principles of management as revealed in our ancient wisdom brought forth in our sacred books like our Gita, Upanishads, Bible and Kuran.

They found that all work, physical or mental, managerial or administrative have to be directed towards single purpose. The manifestation of the divinity in man by working for the good of others, for the happiness of others.

Indian ethos and values

These Indian ethos are required all over he world in present scenario in managing business and industry effectively and efficiently. Some of these ethos are as follows: Indian philosophy also teaches to perform every work without having any attachment to result, because results do not fall under the Jurisdiction of a doer.

Such thinking and understanding will change the whole attitude. You can now accept the result with open mind without apprehensions-Just as you accept members into Considering motivations as internal every human being has the same divine atman with immense potentialities within Vedanta brings infinite expansion of mind, breaks down all the barriers and brings out the God in man.

Motivation is to be internal and not external. Such motivation involves the inner beauty and does not promote any greed in an individual to have more and more in return of his work.

Such an understanding is essential before embarking on the task of building the indigenous system of management. Essential divinity of human soul Essential owners and solidarity of universe and all Philosophy of an integral experience.

Family is the basic unit of social system. Rishi and ashramiac culture. Spirit is free enquiry, tolerance and selective assimilation. The characteristics of Indian culture are that attends to be pervasive and enduring. When an international company is setting up business in India, it will have to look for the acceptability of their management in its present form in the Indian situation.

The four basic cultural dimensions which may account for differences in management and HRD practices across culture are: Cosmic view based on cultural values. Next comes the emotional stability of the manager. He must be a self- controlled and self-propelled man.

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This can come by the heavy input of sattvic gunas and the constant practice of niskam karm. Job skills is the last input. Hence any international company should imbibe above mentioned features seeking the business in India.The concept of "values" comes from the corporate world.

And every corporate world, even the most corrupt, has "values" printed on its annual general report. This can be traced to the notion of. May 25,  · An Introduction to Indian Ethos through a Telugu lyric by popular film lyricist Sree "sirivennela" Seetharama Shastry (used with permission from the original.

Character is based on divine values. Indian ethos emphasis on duties and ph-vs.comes of Indian ethos • Every one knows that there is a close relationship between spiritual life and • • • • • • • • worldly life of a human being.

A good manager must inculcate these values for effective management. Indian Ethos is all about what can be termed as “national ethos”.

Formally, the body of knowledge which derives its solutions from the rich and huge Indian system of ethics (moral philosophy) is known as Indian Ethos in Management (IEM).

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