Dtmf based industrial control

The main objective of the projects is to control the functioning of the load through wireless. One cell phone will send digitized commands to another cell phone which is in auto answering mode at the receiving end. The receiving cell phone codes are fed to the microcontroller which is programmed to recognize those codes for operating any kind of load duly interfaced through relays and relay drivers as per the sent commands from the senders mobile.

Dtmf based industrial control

Siddharth Dev Cell phone operated Robot is a Robot whose movement can be controlled by pressing the number of cell phone. The robot can move forward, backward, right or left which depends on the numbers you are pressing. It is capable of receiving a set of command instructions in the form of DTMF Dual tone multiple frequency tones and performs the necessary actions.

Dtmf based industrial control

The robot is controlled by making call to the mobile connected to the robot. The robot performs various operations like moving forward, backward etc.

The benefit is that we can operate the robot by using any mobile with the working range as large as the coverage area of the service provider. Cell Phone Controlled Robot without Microcontroller Block Diagram Explanation of block diagram Cell phone controlled robot are used to operate the robot by using cell phone.

By connecting cell phone to the circuit the cell phone can controlled robot through the by the keypad of cell phone. Stage 1 Cell phone Cell phone are used to give the instruction to the robot by pressing the keypad of the cell phone.

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The output of the cell phone controlled robot are dual tone frequency which is received by the DTMF receiver. They employ digital counting techniques to detect and decode the 16 DTMF tones into 4 bit output code. HT series receivers do not require any external filters as they use highly accurate switched capacitor filters for filtering low and high frequency signals from the DTMF tones.

The clock is provided by a 3. In case the tones are not detected, the four output bits remain low. The DV pin goes high on detection of a valid tone.A valid dtmf signal is the sum of two tones, one from a lower group ( Hz) and the other from a a higher group ( Hz).

Each group contains four . Hand Gesture Based Wheel Chair Movement Control for the Disabled. Abstract. This project is much useful for industrial and Research Applications.

Block Diagram: Mobile Phone.


Motor 1. Base. Motor 2. DTMF Based Human less Boat Control For Oceanic Research Applications. Abstract: In recent years, intelligent network based Automation Systems are developed in industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

The idea of managing the devices remotely can be implemented using various wireless technologies such as ZigBee, GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth, but these technologies require development of software, dedicated devices and network establishment schemes.

DTMF BASED REMOTE INDUSTRIAL LOADS AND AGRICULTURAL PUMP CONTROL [] Abstract: The main objective of the projects is to control the functioning of the load through wireless. Interpage Industrial Controls, Alarm, Coin-Op and Legacy System Integration Interpage's Alarm, Factory & Equipment Status, Coin-Op and Automated Messaging Service integrates alarm, coin-operated, status alerts, and other automated and/or emergency detection and notification systems, services, and devices with both Internet-based and traditional telecom-based destinations and .

Dtmf Based Industrial Automation Appliance Control System.

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