Belonging quotes

We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us.

Belonging quotes

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Yunior and Beto both live in New Jersey and are the sons of working-class Dominican immigrants. Their bonds with their families and communities are indelible, and yet both boys struggle with a desire to escape and excel beyond the circumstances of their upbringing.

Although Yunior and Beto come from much the same circumstances, their comfort levels within their community are vastly different. While Yunior does not particularly like remaining in his childhood routines, they suit him well and offer him a sense of stability.

Indeed, Yunior is deeply woven into the fabric of his community. Beto was always encouraged and praised in school, which led him to be confident in his ability to direct his own life, while Yunior believes that he lacks the ability to control his fate.

Yunior describes a formative experience of a teacher comparing him and his classmates to the space shuttle. By contrast, Beto always excelled in school, so he expected to escape no matter what. Yunior could also find a job somewhere else, but he prefers to stay home dealing drugs.

He notes that while many of the younger kids he deals to have part-time jobs in addition to their schoolwork, he never had one himself, and he spends most of his free time drinking and fighting with his friends. Therefore, he seems to have fallen into exactly the life that he believed others expected of him, undercutting his sense of personal agency.

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Due to their differing abilities to belong to their community and their contrasting ideas about fate and agency, the concept of escape comes to mean fundamentally different things for Yunior and Beto.

Beto escapes by permanently leaving a community that does not accept him and making a life in which he can be himself. For example, he submerges himself in the pool just to surround himself with silence and stillness. Throughout the story, both Yunior and Beto learn from their surroundings.

They inherit their bad language, standoffishness, and aggressive behavior from their friends and family members, but they also inherit a sense where they fit into the world and expectations about how and if they will succeed.

Belonging quotes

Although Yunior fulfills the low expectations of his teachers, he also fits within his community. In contrast, Beto is driven to succeed and leave his neighborhood precisely because his sexuality prevents him from fully fitting into his community.

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Belonging Quotes.

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Belonging quotes

Dream date essay descriptive Dream date essay descriptive. Once safety has been obtained, the next step in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is love and belonging. In love and belonging, we search for purpose among our friends, family and significant others. It is an external factor that is required for us to accept before looking inward (next step: self-esteem).

At this stage, we may [ ]. Escape and Belonging Quotes in Drown. Below you will find the important quotes in Drown related to the theme of Escape and Belonging. Drown Quotes The heat in the apartments was like something heavy that had come inside to die. Families arranged on their porches, the glow from their TVs washing blue against the brick.

From my family apartment.

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