A recount of the computerized world

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A recount of the computerized world

Email MIAMI — Janet Reno asked for a statewide, manual recount Friday of all votes in Florida's bungled gubernatorial primary as Miami-Dade County officials continued finding hundreds, if not thousands, of votes that went uncounted.

The former atttorney general said she asked the state Elections Canvassing Commission "to determine the expressed will of the voters" and to "ensure that the votes of all Democrats in the state who voted in the primary would be counted.

But Reno refused to concede, saying there were discrepancies in at least 80 Miami-Dade precincts.

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McBride spokesman Alan Stonecipher said the McBride campaign has not decided whether to oppose a recount. We don't know what it means. In Tuesday's balloting, some poll workers never showed up. Some polling places opened late, and some closed too early. Brand-new touchscreen voting machines malfunctioned.

And optical scanners shredded ballots. Then, over the past few days, Miami-Dade election officials began finding large numbers of uncounted votes that had apparently not been properly downloaded from the computerized voting machines by poll workers.

On Friday, Bush sent letters to election officials in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, demanding written explanations by Thursday on what went wrong and what they will do to make sure it doesn't happen again.

He stopped short of asking for the election officials' removal.


Miami-Dade was a Reno stronghold on primary day, with Reno winning about 70 percent of the county vote. So she could presumably pick up many more votes. The questioned precincts were heavily black and heavily elderly, where Reno did well.

A recount of the computerized world

Miami-Dade officials said they would not release details about the re-collection of votes until Tuesday, the state deadline for certifying the results.

On Saturday, they planned to begin examining every machine in the county. Late Friday, Reno asked officials in neighboring Broward County, where she also did well, to review as many as precincts.

She said she would only concede after the review process had run its course. The 80 questioned precincts reported a total of 1, votes cast. But those precincts had 31, registered Democrats.

In one precinct, computers registered percent more votes than there were eligible voters, while no votes at all were recorded in several precincts with thousands of voters.

On Thursday, Miami-Dade elections chief David Leahy said workers examined four polling stations that originally showed a total of 96 votes The review boosted the total to 1, votes, though officials did not say how many went to Reno and how many went to McBride. The situation is particularly frustrating for minority voters, some of whom say they were cheated in and again this year.

Maurice Cason voted for Reno at Miami's Shadowlawn Elementary School in the Little Haiti neighborhood and watched from her home as hundreds of others streamed to the polls. The precinct has 1, registered Democrats, yet county officials recorded no votes on Tuesday from the school.

This is the second time we've had this mess.Throughout the years, the voting procedure changed — from punching holes in a ballot to connecting halves of broken arrows with a black felt pen to using computerized voting machines — but in.

The manual recount in Florida, first of all, is going on in front of the eyes of observers from both parties, and Green Party officials in some cases, with each party permitted to object.

Nevada’s presidential recount has barely been reported on at all. As with the others, news reports focus on the small difference in vote counts, not in the procedures not . Lawyers for Democratic Congressman Tim Bishop are expected in court Tuesday to demand a complete recount of last week's vote in Long Island's first district, according to a Bishop campaign.

But a recount concluded Saturday shows Olszewski the winner by 17 votes. That’s out of more than 84, ballots cast. The board of elections still must certify the results of the recount.

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